Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Next Batch of Ribs

Before vacation I made a new rub for ribs. I tried it a few weeks ago. Here are the ingredients.

My dry rub consist of turbindeno sugar 1/2 cup(I know I misspelled that), cayenne pepper 1 TBs, chipotole pepper 1 TBs, salt 1/2 cup, black pepper 1/2 cup, dry mustard 3 TBs, and paprika 1/2 cup. I chopped it all in a spice grinder to blend.

The only prep I did to the ribs was to liberally add rub to both sides and rub it in. Then I put another coat on. I smoked them with a bullet type smoker with a propane heat source. I put cherry chips and hickory chunks above the fire. I had a pan of water inside the wood chip bowl and a pan of orange juice and apple juice under the ribs. The liquids help keep the heat down and the moisture up. After two hours in the smoke, I applied more rub and wrapped the ribs in aluminum foil. The trick is to get the foil to hold in the moisture at this point which converts the rub into a sauce. I didn't add any bottled sauce.

As I was cutting the ribs to serve and doing the proper taste testing, I thought there was too much cayenne spice. Later when eating the ribs, the additional meat helped cool down the spice. The next time I make a batch of rub, I am going to cut the 2 hot peppers back by 50% and change the paprika to smoked paprika.

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