Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stickin it to the man

These are my top ten ways of rebelling in no particular order.

10. I leave the lights on in my office when I go to a meeting.
9. I charge my cell phone with the man's power.
8. After drying my hands, I pull one more paper towel and throw it away unused.
7. 2 squirts of hand sanitizer.
6. If the man is buying lunch, I will have some pecan pie.
5. All my plastic bottles and aluminum cans are in the trash can.
4. No more stairs, it's all a luxurious elevator ride for me.
3. If you are 30 minutes late in the morning, it just balances out to leave 30 early.
2. I repair a chainsaw in my office for 1 hour after lunch.
1. I make silly top 10 lists for your enjoyment.

How do you stick it to the man?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back from Disney

Life is coming back to normal. We spent a week at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Disney. It was the wine and food festival at Epcot. One of our favorite family events is to sample foods from around the world. This years favorite was South Korea. Kimchi and beef was awsome. Last time it was beef and sweet potatoes from South Africa. A very close second again this year. They give you small portions for three to five dollars. We split them all and each had a bite. The Brazil and Argentina beef were also superb.

The Magic Kingdom was TOO crowded. I have never been there with that many people. Very uncomfortable for an introvert.

The Disney Hollywood was very fun. I enjoyed it more than the others I think. It was more shows and stunts. They have an Indiana Jones stunt show and a driving stunt show that are both excellent.

Staying on location was a lot of fun. We stayed in our RV at Fort Wilderness. The busses and boats take you anywhere you want to go. After you get used to the routes, then it is smooth sailing. It sure beats paying for parking and trying to remember where you parked.