Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Tired Too!

I am going to confess this is not an original idea. I found it from a 63 year old veteran whose email I lost, so I can not give him his full credit by name. He said he was tired. And I agree. I am tired too.

I am tired of people whining about BP not getting them some money because they don't have the documentation. BP made a mess, and as far as I am concerned they are doing good to clean it up. They offered to replace lost income to the fishermen and other coastal workers. All the workers have to do is prove their 2009 income by showing their tax returns. Should not be a problem. The rub is that many of these folks work on a cash basis and don't report all the cash as income, so it is tax free income. I have absolutely zero compassion for people that cheat the tax system, then whine cause "BP won't gimme no money!" I am tired of the whining. Oh, and just a word of caution, I double dog guarantee you that BP is going to report the check they gave you to the IRS. You may want to go ahead and report that income.

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  1. Whoo go Greg. But where is the rest of the post...folks it just gets better and better!