Monday, August 2, 2010

Ribs (closing in on perfection)

My recipe was different this weekend. I added a wet sauce to the ribs. I started normally with 3 racks of baby back ribs. I coated them with dry rub (Emeril's Rib Rub) and a hearty dose of paprika. Those went on a cherry wood smoke for 2 hours. My heat got a bit too high and I left them on the smoke a bit too long. The smoke ring was tremendous, almost all the way thru the meat between the ribs. The wood chips I used had been soaking for a week in a bucket. When they dried out, they made some tasty white thick smoke.

At the halfway point (2 hours) I basted the ribs with Sonny's Sweet sauce along with another shaking of rib rub. We found it at Sams this week. It doesn't have any junk in it and tastes real good. (Junk is high fructose corn syrup or MSG). Then I wrapped the ribs in foil and left them alone on top of the fire for 4 hours.

They were falling off the bone and very hard to cut, it was so tender. The wet sauce gave them a good caramel sugar coating of BBQ goodness. Temperature control is important. Too hot too long will put a black burn on the meat that is tough to chew. So keep the temperature in the Ideal setting for all six hours.


  1. In my humble opinion...these were the best ribs ever. Watching for a sale to buy more because perfection is happening this summer!

  2. I just ate lunch and that post still made me hungry. Good luck on your quest.