Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Catechism Today

I know you were waiting for Catechism #3 today, but I've been driving all day. We left home at 8:00 and got to Granny's at 8:00 tonight. I have the information with me and will get back to it tomorrow. Today we are going to a different topic.

I want to discuss a topic I like to call "Butch up Sally!" I want the 5 boys to pay attention. We need to be men in our relationships. We need to live by the Bible with a Biblical Worldview. We need to be the spiritual leaders in our homes. Rob, Andy and Will, I need to ask your forgiveness for not being the leader I should have been while you were growing up through elementary and high school. We've missed a lot of time memorizing scripture and studying God's Word. I am afraid you've lost your zeal for God and His worship. That is why I harp on you all the time to go to Church.

Did you know that 75 to 88% of college age freshmen leave the church? The fault is not theirs alone, but it also lies with the job the fathers have been doing with family worship and study. That is why I am writing you these letters for the future generations of our family. My grandchildren need a better roll model than my children got. It has to be your job to raise them up to be men and women of God. It is my job now to start where we are at. Can't go back, only forward.

We need to be men for our women. But don't be acting like you are married cause last time I checked, you weren't. You do not need to be spending the night with girl friends. There is nothing good happening after midnight. The temptations are great and the flesh is weak. Sexual sin is the only sin that Paul tells us to run away from. Other sins, he advises us to resist temptation and you can overcome it. On sexual sin, Paul says to RUN. Boys, don't put yourselves in that situation. Heartache and pain is the result.

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