Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stickin it to the man

These are my top ten ways of rebelling in no particular order.

10. I leave the lights on in my office when I go to a meeting.
9. I charge my cell phone with the man's power.
8. After drying my hands, I pull one more paper towel and throw it away unused.
7. 2 squirts of hand sanitizer.
6. If the man is buying lunch, I will have some pecan pie.
5. All my plastic bottles and aluminum cans are in the trash can.
4. No more stairs, it's all a luxurious elevator ride for me.
3. If you are 30 minutes late in the morning, it just balances out to leave 30 early.
2. I repair a chainsaw in my office for 1 hour after lunch.
1. I make silly top 10 lists for your enjoyment.

How do you stick it to the man?

1 comment:

  1. My, you are living on the edge. Apple pie would be ok if you don't have the pecan option ~ how 'bout some ice cream on top of that pie, sir!