Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Retirement Promises

Don't believe the promises of politicians or bosses. Even if they put it in writing, it does not carry any significance in our days. People will lie to you and sell you on future promises. I think most of them believed the promises. I know that when I interviewed prospective state employees, I told them what the retirement system was and what they could expect in 25 years. I meant it, because it was what I was told the contract was. I don't know how people can go in now and change a promise made 22 years ago for what is going to happen in 25 years.

Therefore, my advise to you is to not believe everything you hear. When you want to retire, make sure you have the money in your control. Don't depend on politicians. Don't depend on bankers or stock brokers. They will steal your money just as quickly. Get you income secured by durable assets such as land and royalty rights to ongoing money making ventures. Spread your investments around 7 or 8 times so no one person will steal all your money.

Be smart. Lay up treasures for yourself in Heaven where moth and rust do not corrupt. Trust in the Lord all your days. Seek to walk humbly with Him, love justice and do mercy. Don't believe it when they tell you your pension will be there.

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