Friday, September 25, 2009

Busy Fun Week

I've done several posts over at Mississippi Mama about coupons, and bargain hunting, etc. so come on over for a visit.

The big new this week was that I had a birthday, and as my loving 20 year old son told me...I am halfway to 100 (like I didn't know how old I was). I got lots of neat surprises starting with Katie, Will and Amy fixing me waffles for breakfast. Yummy! Then we took a school holiday and did fun stuff. Greg took us all out to Applebees for dinner. Here are some pictures from the day.

Now we've got the weekend. Homemade Pizza for dinner tonight and our homeschool groups Fall Kick- off party is tomorrow. Then hopefully we can get some tile work done. This is our last weekend at home for the next 3 weeks. We've also got to finish our State Fair entries because we have to turn them in next Friday!


  1. 90 days till Christmas - no way! I may need to borrow some of your stash!

    Happy Late Birthday - and, what does Greg have on!?

  2. Greg has on the cheese head foam hat he bought at Green Bay Stadium. We do crazy hats for birthdays and it kept falling off my head so he put it on. Last year was a huge purple Mexican sombero!

  3. Happy belated birthday my big sis. We love you so much. and hope you'll let me borrow the make a mix book sometime.

  4. Hey Bri,

    Come on down and you can borrow the book! We would love to see y'all!

  5. Happy birthday Donna! Looks like you got some good books there!

  6. Thanks Robin....hummmmm wonder where I saw one before? Thanks again for letting me borrow yours!