Monday, September 21, 2009

Top Ten Rejected Names for Donna's New Blog

10. Landing a Man with Mac & Cheese
9. Making Chihuahua Cheese
8. 2 Quarters of a Century of Experience
7. 7 Kids and a Husband too!
6. Hangin' Out with the Sheets
5. A Georgia Peach in Mississippi Mud
4. Cucumbers and Other things you can stuff in a jar
3. Southern Nursing Home Living
2. Five Decade Diva
1. My First Days of Being Old


  1. A Georgia Peach is my favorite, but the cucumber one is hilarious!

    Maybe you need 2 more blogs, those names are hard to pass up!

    Picture is fine! Pistol Packin' Mama!

  2. I agree with Marie. Those were my picks too. How funny.

  3. 2 more blogs...give me a break, I haven't gotten the 2nd one looking the way I want it yet.