Sunday, October 25, 2009

60 Days

Wow! Its just 60 days till Christmas. I am already getting that "panicky, I am not ready" feeling in the pit of my tummy.

These months are so busy for us with homeschool, dance classes, church activities and just life! We also took a week off from reality and went to Disney.

Now, we have found out that my Mom is going to have knee replacement surgery. The kids and I will be packing up the schoolbooks and probably sewing machine (gotta work on gifts) and going to GA to help nurse! She was wanting to wait till the beginning of Feb. for the surgery but its just not going to work, knees have a mind of their own sometimes.

I know that everything will get done in the next 2 months and if it doesn't I am the only one who will ever know.

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas....everywhere you go.....well at least at Hobby Lobby!

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  1. What do you mean just 60 days?!? No, make it stop!