Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tiki Travelers at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival

Tuna Roll-- Greg and Will liked

Beef Roll that all the girls loved. This was sweet and yummy!

Creme Brulee from France...Greg didn't know us girls were eating eclairs and mousse when he bought this!

Samuel Adams Beer from the USA. Lets just say, we wanted the cup. They would not have wanted my personal evaluation of this beer.

Funnel Cake from the USA pavilion. Powdered sugary goodness.

Amy's pasta dish from Italy.

This dish was from Marakesh and good but spicy...I don't remember the name of it.

This beef on the stick was served on Mashed Potatoes, really good.

Beef & Sweet Potato dish from Africa...this was my personal favorite!

The snails from France (to each his own)
We ate our way around the world at Epcot's Annual International Food & Wine Festival...not once but twice (different days).

Besides the usual food stands and restaurants that are in the countries all the time, Epcot brought in more countries with lots and lots of good food.

This looks like alot of food, but we usually ordered one plate and split it 6 ways. That way we could taste more and keep the cost more affordable. We did not split the Escargot...Greg & Will ate it. And Will wanted it the 2nd day too (he liked it and he liked the gross factor of eating snails!)

We don't have pictures of the chocolate eclair and the chocolate mousse that Mom, Amy, Katie and I found in France at a Bakery. It was absolutely delicious!

We also ate Fish & Chips in the UK, Nacho's & quesidilla's in Mexico and Potato Pierogi's in Poland (I had never had a pierogi before but I really liked it.)

Epcot is one of my 2 favorite parks at Disney (Magic Kingdom is the other). We spent 3 lovely days at Epcot and honestly, we went the third day just to eat more of our favorites. The last day, Greg gave us the option of picking 2 yummies that we didn't have to share. Oh my, those were hard decisions. The beef dish from Africa was my very favorite, followed by the beef roll from Japan, and the bakery delicacies from France.

And a commercial for the Food & Wine festival...its during the month of October every year. The dishes cost between $4 - $7 each (thats why we shared)!!!


  1. wow, all that looks good except the escargot. Tell Will, Aunt Bri tried it on a dare. And I thought it was gross.

  2. Bleah! I wouldn't even try it on a dare! Not sure why the good Lord created those creatures! It certainly wasn't to eat them, in my opinion!