Monday, February 1, 2010

BBQ Chicken Speghetti

On the first night in Honduras we fixed speghetti. And as always, we fixed too much. We had a fridge this year and we were able to save two gallons of the mix. It was routine speghetti using Ragu and browned ground beef along with noodles.

As a side note, we fixed 7.5 lbs of meat with 2 large cans and 3 small cans of sause and 6 pounds of dry noodles to feed 50 people. With that, we had two gallons left over.

Back to the story.

Someone suggested we make BBQ Chicken Speghetti. We said, "great idea". Not knowing how to do it, we just winged it. (pun intended). We purchased two chickens that had been roasted and pulled the meat off of them. And for those that know me, yes I did pull the meat off of the birds, amazing! We cut the big chunks of breast meat into bite sizes and mixed the chicken meat in with the speghetti along with a bottle and a half of BBQ sause. We used a local Honduran BBQ sause that was a vinegar based sause like you would find in North Carolina. We stirred it all up and put it in the oven to warm.


  1. Unfortunately, none of us tasted it but it must have been good cause it was eaten. And folks asked how you made it!

  2. well, that answers my question. I was gonna ask if it was good. Were they asking how it was made so they would know how NOT to make it :)

  3. Nope, smarty pants. They liked it so much that one lady wanted us to buy her the exact barbeque sauce we used so she could take it home!