Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grilling in the snow

Yes, it is one of those wonderful times of the decade when Mississippi gets a real snowfall. It was suppose to be here by 5:00 p.m. and it hasn't started yet 6 hours later. So when we wake up, we should have a white cover of 5 to 8 inches of snow.

I've been in Mississippi 19 years. I'll believe it when I see it.

That sets the stage for my blog. My lovely best friend chimed in when I got home that we needed to grill pork chops tonight. I reminded her that it was cold outside, suppose to snow, etc.. She grinned, and said, we need to grill pork chops tonight. They are already thawed and we need to grill them. Grin Grin.

So it wasn't snowing just yet, I made my way out to the new grill, uncovered it and cranked her up. 15 minutes later we were sitting down to some of the best pork chops ever. Yes, it was that quick. I put some mesquite grill rub on them and put them on a 600 degree grill. Flipped them at 5 minutes and waited for the finish. Then took them off close to 10 minutes.

Here is the trick. Eddie and Sabrina gave us "the coolest gift ever" for Christmas this year. It is a temperature probe with a timer and a remote beeper. When the meat gets to the temperature you want it at in the middle, the unit goes off and makes the remote go off in your pocket if you happen to be inside washing dishes or refilling your favorite adult beverage. So no more burned dried out meat from the grill because you were up to your elbows in Joy suds.

While it is true that I "technically" didn't grill in the snow today, my lovely best friend informed me that we have a shoulder thawing in the fridge, and it has a date with destiny on Saturday ~ in the snow!


  1. glad you like yout probe. Don't use it as a rectal themometer. Just sayin'. I had Eddie shovel the grill out so he could cook a shoulder for Super Bowl. haha. Yes, he had to grill in over 2 ft of snow.

  2. Us girls gotta stick together! We don't have 2 feet but we have 4" and its still comin' down! Its the sticky, wet big flakes of snow perfect for snowmen.