Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where has my vacation gone

It is wrap it up time on the Jackson Tiki Travelers vacation. Does anyone know what Boudin is? and why they sell it with Cracklins in LA? My thought for the day.

My good friend Sharon asked me what was the best thing you did on your vacation. I've had many miles to ponder this question. We've added 13 bumper stickers to the back of the RV from places like the Alamo, Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon, Arches, Wupatki, Mesa Verde, Tobasco, etc... but none of the places we went were as meaningful to me as the journey to get there with my wife and kids.

We are on day 16 spending our lifes in a 31 x 8 foot box on wheels. We have stayed in 14 KOA camps in 7 states and traveled about 4500 miles. I am going to look on this adventure as one of the highlights of my life because I was able to share all of those miles, even the ones where she was gripping her pillow and not trying to look outside, with Donna at my side and Katie, Amy, and Will behind us all the way. The two bad sections of road were in Mesa Verde National Park and the old route 66 to Outman Az., a supposed ghost town that looked a lot like the Disney back lot.

The togetherness, laughter, game playing, grilling, joke telling, and an occasional visit from Dr. Graham kept us having fun, not growing weary of each other, and solidified our family. We had some disappointments like the restaurant we went to in San Antonio where they assulted us and were obnoxious, rude, and filthy, and the 4 corners was closed for repair. Still don't know how you can close a geographical location??? But all of that will be overshadowed by the fun times painting cadillacs, hiking to pueblos, shopping at vision forum, being touristy, eating ice cream for dinner, watching the fountains at the Billogio dance to the steak song.

I will end this by remembering a good friend. Steve worked with me for several years. He went out to Denver 2 years ago to watch his grandson play football. That night after the game, he had a heart attack in his sleep. We have to live our life as much as we can in the time God gives us. Steve was a great guy. I don't know if he got to do all the things he wanted to get done or not. Donna and I know for sure that you never know when your opportunities will end, so why not go and do them now. We bought our RV after Steve passed with just this kind of trip in mind.

The destinations may have been once in a lifetime, but the journey just keeps on going


  1. Great vacation, great fun, and great memories, honey! I love you!

  2. That was a great post. And a great message.