Friday, April 30, 2010

I Don't Care for Heights

Don't take me wrong, I love the views of the majestic Grand Canyon. However, I do have a healthy respect for gravity. It has always worked in my experience. We made it to the rim of the Grand Canyon. The wind was gusting, it was cold, we were underdressed (not prepared for snow.) It was 85 in Mississippi. We didn't know it was still snowing in the dessert!

Standing on the rim, having to lean to walk in the wind, taking pictures, all I could think of is 1) I am a big man, 2) this is a lot of wind, 3) that is a long way down, and 4) the lowest bidder installed this guardrail. Took the fun right out of it for me. I headed for the watch tower and took pictures in there. Out of the wind and back from the rim.

I messed up yesterday and took OLD 66 to a ghost town called Oatman. It was a 2 lane switch back over the mountains that has not been maintained. It was really a 1-1/2 lane road with no guard rails. The scenery was great, but this will be another once in a life time routes. Not going that way again.

We spent the night in California to be able to put another sticker on our map on the side of the RV. Our next destination is Vegas, the real one this time. Amy has already chosen the chocolate tour she wants to go on. We are camping at Circus Circus tonight. Gonna leave here just as soon as Will gets the sewer unhooked.

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  1. Love it - the lowest bidder installed the guard rail!