Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day to 2 of the most wonderful men I have ever known, my daddy and my husband.

My Daddy, Bill Cash, was a great father! Us Cash girls adored him. He was loving, fun, generous, and liked to cut up with us. (OK, he was also strict but we are going to dwell on positive attributes here for the holiday). He liked hunting and he loved fishing. Since he was blessed with 2 daughters, we learned how bait a hook, fish, and clean them also (yuck to the cleaning). He liked sports and Saturday & Sunday could find him laying on the sofa or recliner watching the game through his eye lids. Now, that didn't happen all the time, but often enough for me to remember it. He loved the Atlanta Braves, the Falcons and GA Tech football. He was a Civil War buff and collector. He loved to read, play yahtzee and card games. He also told my sister and I to use him as the "bad daddy" if we wanted to get out of something with friends or not go out with someone. We could say "Daddy said no". I recall some guys that I didn't want to go out with calling and me asking him if I could go (while shaking my head no), if I asked, he looked at me and would respond with "no, we have plans". What a cool dad! After Brenda and I got married and started having kids, he was so excited that his 2 girls gave him 4 grandsons. James, Allen, Brian and Billy adored "Bill". They loved to spend time with him doing almost anything. Brenda and I worked in Daddy's State Farm office and we called him Bill at work, so the boys picked it up and started calling him Bill, which he thought was very funny. When they really wanted to wheddle him into doing something they called him Gran Bill or Grandaddy Bill. Daddy died when he was 59, 15 years ago, from lymphoma. He went through alot with the chemo and radiation because it was so important to Mom, Me and Brenda. But the Lord decided it was his time. Daddy's funeral was on Fathers Day 1994. We all miss him tremendously and the boys still talk about things they did with him. He would be very surprised to know that now he had 9 grandsons and 3 granddaughters. All of the other grandkids have heard stories about him and seen many pictures. I wish they could have known him, also.

For 9 years I prayed for the Lord to send me the perfect husband and father for my children. I even had a list of "requirements" that I would like this person to have. The Lord blessed my prayer with Greg. And every "requirement" that I had thought of and prayed about, he has! He is a great daddy to my kids. They all readily accepted him and were happy for me. James and Allen will call Greg and ask his advice before I even know there is a problem. OK, I will admit that is a little hard for me since I was the one they turned to for so long, but it is a great testiment to his relationship with these 2 grown boys. It took Amy a little longer to warm up but she doesn't remember ever having a dad. He loves to tease her and she gives it back! Its really funny to watch them together! He has gone from not understanding homeschooling to fully supporting it and planning field trips and lessons for the kids! What a blessing.

He is also perfect for me! We get along great and love spending time together. He is a generous person and shows up with gifts for me, just because! About a month ago, he came in with 2 cross stitch kits he knew I would like. I have been going through some different health issues and he wanted to cheer me up. He indulges my love of the beach even though he hates the sand. He is very skillfull in the "handyman" department. He built us a screened porch, deck and layed down wood floors. He has built square foot gardening boxes for our vegie gardens. He bought us an RV to travel in with Katie, Will and Amy. He can grill some wonderful meat and loves doing this on the weekends. He has a heart for Missions and has taken me to Honduras twice on mission trips. Tomorrow, we are leaving for Oklahoma and working with a group on a Choctaw Indian Reservation. He wanted a family mission trip that Katie, Will and Amy could participate in also. He has alot of responsibilities on his shoulders with 7 children but he handles it well. When the time comes, he will be a wonderful grandpa!!!!!

I love you Greg! Happy Fathers Day!

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