Monday, June 8, 2009

We caved into Peer Pressure

OK, we have done it now. Greg and I are both on Facebook. This could cause big problems....why didn't anybody warn me how addictive it was? Oh well, the deed is done. Maybe I should set a timer for computer time like I have the kids do!

Last week was "Ballet Week". The girls had practice on Monday (1 hour), Thursday (2 hours), Friday (2 hours) and Recital was Sat. We got there Sat. at about 5 and got home about 8:30. the recital was great. All the dancers were beautiful and the costumes were gorgeous. The theme was Noah's Ark and the little girls were the animals, their costumes were so cutesy! Katie did not get to dance (maybe I should clarify that and say she & I chose for her not to dance, her ankle swells alot). She was in the recital but not a dancer. She will be dancing next year. During the recital, Miss Abigail had a slide show of all the classes, one of the last slides is Katie stretching on the floor with the boot on her foot. Greg, Mom and I laughed when we saw the slide....everyone else groaned! At least now they know why she didn't dance!

The kids had fun all week playing with my neice and nephew and Granny. Bethany is 7 and Ben is almost 11 (gasp!) Lots of Guitar Hero and swimming. Last Christmas, Mom gave my 3 youngest, inflatable whale floats for the pool. They got blown up last week and now I have Shamu's floating in the pool. It evidentally takes practice to stay on the floats and they easily become unbalanced. But the kids had a great time with them.

During the visit, we also started demolition on the dining room floor. It is now finished and looks beautiful. Greg, Will, James, Andy, and Allen did a great job. We moved all the furniture in yesterday. We now have to get pads to put on the bottom of the chair legs so they don't scratch the floor.

Sat. was our homeschool group used book sale. I went with $187 worth of books to sell and sold $132. of them. All of the big stuff is gone! Amy was thrilled that her math book sold.

Greg cooked us yummy ribs for lunch on Sat. He cooked 4 racks and we had some leftovers. Mack and Hershey love the bones and we had plenty of them.

Amy just got a call from our new Michaels Store and she won one of the prizes from the grand opening last week. She is bouncing off the walls with excitement, we will be driving up there today to get it. Its a scrapbooking prize worth $400. Can't wait to see what all it is! Will update later with prize details!

We are looking forward to a hot summer week. I declared no more school this month and we don't do school in July, so the scholars are happy (Katie does have the ACT this week). We are going to work on the floors, rearrange stuff, organize our belongings, and swim in our pool. And get ready for our Mission Trip to Oklahoma in 2 weeks. This will also give us time to get all our new curriculum and organize our next school year. Katie will be a Senior, Will in 9th and Amy in 8th. In 5 years, I will have worked myself out of a job. All the kids will be through highschool. Hummmmm, wonder if I will be any smarter?

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  1. I want to see pictures! Of the dining room, dancing and the pool! Sounds like a great week.