Monday, June 8, 2009

The Prize

Amy's prize was a Cricut Machine and Cricut Jukebox. This is an electronic diecut machine (about the size of a computer printer). It came with one diecut cartridge. The Jukebox of a machine you can plug up to 6 cartridges into and it connects to the diecut machine. Then you can pick which cartridge you want to use and not to to plug and unplug each cartridge. Each diecut cartridge has about 50 different shapes, letters, or sayings on it. The cartridge that came with it was an alphabet, numbers and some sayings.

We were going to buy another cartridge but they would not let us use a % off coupon for it (one of those small print exclusions).

We went across the street to Hobby Lobby to check on the price of their cartridges. The regular prices are $10 to $20 lower than Michaels regular prices. But Hobby Lobby was having a sale and we got 2 for the price of 1. Katie picked out another alphabet set and Amy picked out a Disney set.

The Disney set is cool because it makes separate cuts for each item and then you put them together. So Mickeys face, pants/shirt, head, arms/legs, etc. can all be cut out of different color paper. This is one cool toy!


  1. Amy you are the luckiest girl in the whole world! I want one of those so bad my teeth hurt. Anyhow, if I come down to visit don't be surprised if I play with it the whole time. Congratulations your a weiner! I mean winner!

  2. I am sure that amy will let you play with her toy! she and Katie played with it about 2 hours yesterday! She is one happy girl! and we would love for you to come down! I have almost recovered from our last visit (heehee) Donna