Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update on our crazy life & Happy June

We are back from Virginia. It was a great trip and we had fun visiting with family. Greg's sister and I decided it was a really good thing we didn't live closer together....we ate way too much junk food last week and we are both paying for it now. Its just easier to eat trash with a friend! Our van was full to overflowing on the way home. We brought home an antique double bed that Greg had loaned them and they are done using it. Then on the way home, we stopped at Costco in Birmingham and loaded up more stuff. Unfortunately, I left my shopping list in VA, so there was stuff we forgot. Or, maybe that was a fortunate mistake, since we were so crammed in the car. We listen to books on tape as we travel to pass the miles away. 2 we got from the library this time were 1776 (history documentary about the year) and Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was good and we learned stuff we didn't know...his neice Eleanore married his godson and cousin Franklin Delano. Actually FDR was his cousins son, so I guess that makes him Teddy's 2nd cousin. We also listened to a James Patterson mystery which was really good but a couple of the story lines, we had to fast forward through. The story lines were not appropriate for my younguns.

Monday was spent doing laundry and cleaning up. We also cleaned out the sewing/computer/office room for the floor to get busted up. Thats the next demolision project. James and Will worked in there last night. We are going to rearrange our downstairs and repurpose some spaces. That room will now be our dining room. We will be able to put Greg's grandmothers dining room table, all the chairs, china cabinet and buffet in there, as well as the piano. We would also like to put bookshelves against one wall in there to hold our hundreds and hundreds of books but we will have to check on the available space when everthing else is done. (Homeschoolers have alot of books) The girls had ballet also. This is recital week, so we will also have rehersals on Thursday, Friday and recital on Sat. Katies foot was swollen after class, you could see where the straps from her shoes cross her foot. Ouch! After dinner last night, Greg and the kiddies went swimming.

When we left for VA the weather was warm and the garden was growing. Now the weather is hot (97 yesterday) and the garden is huge. Gregs watermelon is taking over the corn. The peppers are growing and the squash has blossoms all over it. We picked 2 1/4 lb. of green beans!
Yummy fresh produce. We may have to replace our tomato plants cause they look kind of spindly. but they do have little tomatoes on them. Grass is taking over the lantana bed at the end of the pool...it really looks like a nice green groundcover! I hate to pull weeds and especially in this heat and humidity.

Granny is on her way to Miss. and she is bringing my neice and nephew with her. They came last year and spent recital week with us, so we are starting a tradition. There will be lots of swimming, some shopping, and pottery painting. Our new Michaels Craft Store just opened and they sent us some 50% off coupons. and yes, during their visit will be floor destruction.

This month will be busy...Granny, Ben and Bethany's visit, Katie takes the ACT, Fathers Day and our Oklahoma Mission Trip. We are glad summer is here! The pool will be used lots and lots!

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  1. and you said we were busy. Have fun this week. I can't wait to see pictures of the recital.