Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Real Life On Tuesday

Tomorrow is our back to real life day. The routines start in the morning at 7:30 am. The kids have to get up shower, dress, make beds/straighten rooms, and eat breakfast. Amy and Katie clean out the dishwasher and put everything away and reload the breakfast dishes. Will feeds and waters the dogs. All this will be done before 9. Oh yeah, I forgot about brushing the teeth.

Then we will meet in the living room and read our bible verses for the day, read about our State of the day (we are working through the 50 States in the order they were admitted to the Union), and reading over our new History book (Civil War to current times).

Then its down to the real work...math, language, independent reading (either their individual book or their book of the Bible they are reading through), journaling, and working on their Science for their co-op class. Hopefully this will be done by noon. Noon-1 is our break for lunch. 3 days a week after lunch they will cycle through typing, Spanish, music theory, and instrument practice. Everything except instrument practice is on computers, yeah!

Every Friday is our "different" day. They will have Science co-op classes every other Friday. These are labs and the kids love the experiments. Then its home ec day...they wash their bedsheets and remake the beds. They also, clean the bathrooms and vacuum the upstairs. Those specific duties rotate every month. Then we play games or just relax. It did take Will and Amy several weeks to realize that playing Yahtzee (which they love) is actually math! Ya gotta be sneaky when you can. I did relent and let them add up their scores at the end of the game on the calculator.

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  1. You are very structured. I admire you so much for that. I don't think I could be that diligent.