Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Made $200 Today and Lost Weight Too

Andy and I made $200 today. OK, we didn't really make it, we worked on his truck and didn't have to pay our mechanic. His battery died. We replaced the battery last night. Today, the truck still didn't work like it was suppose to. So we tested the alternator, and sure enough, it was bad. Autozone sells a new one for $100. Our mechanic (who is on a first name basis with us) wanted $323. With 4 older sons, we have a fleet of experienced previously titled vehicles and visit our mechanic at least once a week. We got our picture on the wall as customer of the month last December.

We decided that we could replace the alternator for the difference $223. And we were right. One trick with the pulley on the belt, and two bolts later, we had the part out and replaced. Fortunately on that big F-150 truck, there is plenty of room to work on the engine.

I have a new weight loss plan. I went to the dermatologist today for my annual checkup. He took off one mole for a biopsy. Just watching the pounds melt away! We are going to trim our nails and get a hair cut before the next weigh in. How much does an appendix weight?

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