Sunday, January 4, 2009

WOKs Up Doc?

Dad's making a huge mess in the kitchen again. We are getting a new stove for Christmas, and to get ready for that, we began cleaning out the cabinets. Look what we found, our old WOK!

It was hiding in the back of the cabinet behind the Tupperware, curly potato cutter, and our collection of thermoses.

Our creation for the evening was Stir Fry Steak. We grabbed a bag of mixed veggies and a bag of mixed peppers and onions. (Kroger has them on sale this week in their 10 for $10 sale). We put some coconut oil in the bottom along with some sesame seed oil, some soy sauce, and some garlic sauce. After heating up the oil, we threw in the veggies and got them hot stirring occasionally.

The steak was from left overs. (We only buy it when the Kroger butcher puts it in the quick sale section.) Donna cut them up into strips and we added the meat to the veggies. We added some salt, pepper, and yellow curry and let everything get hot. Donna fixed some rice (brown organic) and we spooned the stir fry on top. I added some red curry paste to my rice cause I like it hot and spicy!

It turned out pretty tasty. One thing I will do different next time is to thaw the veggies first. They were frozen when I put them in the wok, and it took much longer to cook than it should plus it added unwanted water in the wok. I think pretty much any bag of mixed veggies works. We used a bag of mixed peppers and onion and the Mexican mix with broccoli and corn.

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  1. Looks yummy. Save me some, I'm on my way.
    I wish.