Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hershey the Vicious

This is our guard dog Hershey. She is protecting Donna and Amy from anyone. Anyone that doesn't have cherrios that is. Show up and you will get barked at until you offer some cherrios, then you are in.

We took this picture at the top of New Found Pass which is the border of North Carolina and Tennessee in the Smokey Mountains. After the long haul up the mountain, we decided to give Buddy a break so his brakes wouldn't break. Donna needed a breather too. The windy roads were fun to drive, but kind of scary to ride.

Donna wants you to know that many of the windy roads didn't have guard rails and they dropped strait down the side of a mountain. It didn't help that Bob Segar came on the radio which always makes me drive fast. (The next time you get pulled over and the cop asks why you were driving so fast, tell him it was Bob Segar's fault. You'll still get a ticket, but at least you have a better answer than, "everyone else was going that fast.")

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