Friday, January 16, 2009


Today the kids and I went bargain hunting. We started at Target and hit the clearance racks. We got 5 shirts for the girls and 2 things for Will and a pair of winter gloves for Greg for $20 total. Then we went to Kohls about bought the 2 pairs of long shorts and 3 skirts for $22. These things were all 90% off the original prices and since they are both wearing ladies sizes, this was a phenomenal deal. Of course, it was kind of funny to buy this stuff for this summer when currently the temperature here is 35 degrees. But, it will get hot again.

Then off to Chick Fil A for lunch...where we used lots of our calendar coupons. They are very gracious to let us use as many coupons as we want to and they take expired coupons!

But here comes the biggest bargain of the day......drumroll please.......the kids love the Wilton Gingerbread House kits that are $10 or $12 dollars before Christmas. Today at Walmart we bought these kits for .25. Yes, you read that right one quarter for each kit! We never eat the houses, just use them for decorations. We are going to store them in a Rubbermaid container (to keep out bugs) till next Christmas. We were thrilled with this find.

We have come up with lots of stuff to share so over the next couple of days...the computer may be putting in some overtime.

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  1. We have kept those kits for a year or even two and they do fine. We don't eat them either, just something for the kids to do.