Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring in Mississippi...

Daffodils, Tulip Poplar, Dogwood, camelias and dandelions are blooming!

Weeds are growing and blooming profusely in the yards we pass on our walks! Lots and lots of weeds (we could consider it ground cover, this explanation works for me in July and August when its 100+ outside).

Greg can ride in his convertible with the top down.

Local guys are setting up their stands to sell honey! Yummy! We use honey to make bread and muffins and local honey is supposed to be good for allergy symptoms.

The kids can jump on their trampoline!

We are nearing the end of some of our school books. Since we school year round, that means we will be buying new books for some subjects soon.

The funky weather means that its warm for a couple of days and then cools off again...right now we are in the warm days and under thunderstorm warnings.

The crud is going around through church, dance and the homeschool group. Katie and Amy both got it. Katie's is on the way out the door and Amy's is holding on and causing misery.

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  1. Oh I am so jealous. It is still cold and dreary here and will be for awhile. We had to buy additional pellets for the pellet stove. Sorry to hear about the sickness. It is everywhere. Yuck!