Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring...coming and going

Spring is here and then it isn't and then it is and then its gone again. This weather is going to have everyone sick.

Amy had to go to the dr. for her crud and wound up with 3 prescriptions. I think she is doing a little bit better now. She missed ballet, youth group, science co-op and sunday school this week. I wasn't really too worried about her spreading her germs as everyone else sharing with her and her weakened immune system. And truthfully, her cough sounds awful.

We had a low key weekend and stayed home. Greg got the kitchen counters completely finished and he taught our Sunday School class this morning, which I missed cause I was home with Amy. We have also started walking and took a long walk on Saturday.

We have 2 birthdays to celebrate this week...Allen will be 20 on Monday the 23rd. He won't be a teenager anymore! And Miss Katie will be 16 on Saturday the 28th. Yikes, they are all getting old. They both picked their birthday dinners for me to fix...Al wants grilled hamburgers, baked beans,and french fries. Katie wants tossed salad with popcorn chicken. Easy, easy, easy.

Will did his first archery class on Friday. I took lots of pictures but they are still on the camera. He did pretty well for the first time. There are about 6 or 7 boys in the class and 2 leaders.

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