Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring Fever

Its official...I've got spring fever. This weekend, the weather was gorgeous. Temps in the 60's and 70's during the day. Friday night, the kiddies were invited to a birthday party complete with a bonfire and lots of pizza. Greg and I went on a date and ate a yummy Steak dinner at O'Charleys. Saturday, Greg and I went to the farm stand in Tiki Town and they got in some blueberry bushes. We bought 3 of them! As we were driving to Lowe's, I saw a guy set up on the side of the road selling honey. So, we stopped and I bought some yummy, local honey. We use honey as the sweetener in our homemade bread, pizza crusts and some of our muffins. Then it was on to Lowe's for soil, cow manure and mulch. We got home and unloaded everything and worked in the front yard. Greg washed his car and the kiddies rode their bikes. Dinner was salad with popcorn chicken on top. I am really ready for my own fresh tomatoes on a salad.

Sunday morning was Sunday School and Church. Lunch was leftovers from all the homecooked dinners last week. We all watched one of Greg's new DVD's he got for his birthday about Stonewall Jackson. Then we all went outside again. Greg got my blueberry bushes planted and the mulch spread. The boys got a stump up that I have wanted removed for about a year. James has been trying to do it by himself and wasn't quite strong enough. With Will, Andy and Allen lending their muscles...its now gone. We ended the afternoon with a fire in our firepit, roasting marshmallows and making somores. Dinner was grilled hot dogs and italian sausages and baked beans. The only thing that would have made this any better was if Rob had been here too! And yes, Amy is already asking when it will be warm enough to swim. She wanted to put her feet in the pool yesterday. But it didn't happen!

Its supposed to be in the 70's this week and start raining later we are going on our walk before doing school!


  1. You have a beautiful life Miss Donna!

  2. Oh and thought we had it good when we reached the upper 50's. I'm with Amy I am ready for winter to be over and have some fun by the pool. And the fresh veggies sound yummy. I just don't grow them very well.

  3. Come on down Sis! I will gladly share my pool with just needs to warm up first!