Monday, February 16, 2009

Update on detergent and moving

OK, here is an update on the homemade laundry detergent. I took the cost of making the detergent (.76) and divided it by how many loads we have done so far...36, so that makes the cost .0217 per load. Thats all of our household laundry plus the dirties that James, Allen and Andy have washed here. And the bucket is still half full. The boys are notorious for leaving change in their pockets and washing it, sometimes they remember to get it and sometimes they don't. I have told them all that if it is left, I consider it my tip for providing the washer, dryer, water, detergent, etc. Last week Allen left about $1.75 in quarters, dimes and pennies...its mine now! So that really makes the cost of the detergent $0 and I made money on the deal! As Rob would say...SWEET!!!!!
I do return paper money, but that doesn't get washed real often.

The boys have been moving this weekend. Andy went and got his belongings from college and moved into James' spare bedroom at his trailer. Then Allen decided he would move down there too and take the living room. So the 3 of them are now living about 30 minutes away from our home. Since we own the trailer, the rent is very reasonable...ok, its cheap. And splitting the utilities 3 ways makes this a very affordable option for all 3 of them. Hopefully, this will allow each of them to straighten out and get control of their finances and be able to save some money for their future needs. James and Andy are on early morning work schedules and then they get off mid afternoon. Allen goes to work mid afternoon and gets off about midnight.

Time for our Monday sewing class!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I got the ingredients and will be making this once we get back from the cruise. Glad the boys are doing well. I am sure James will enjoy the company. Great male bonding time.