Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things I Forgot

Many of the Presidents in the White House had pets. The most unusual pet we heard about was a raccoon. President and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge had a pet raccoon in the White House. Now, that is weird.

President and Mrs. Truman had a summer, Little White House, in Key West. Sounds like a place we need to go visit....its educational, ya know? I took a picture of the Presidents Hawaiian shirt for Greg.

Sabrina, Katie, Amy and I toured the local JoAnn's store today...gotta use the coupons. We had fun looking at all the goodies and purchasing some of them.

Tomorrow we are going to the "Big Red Kitchen" for lunch. This is Sabrina's friend Robin. Her blog address is on my sidebar. It'll be fun to meet someone whose blog I regularly read! Seeing Julia Childs Kitchen and then the Big Red Kitchen, how much excitement can I handle in one week? Educational opportunities abound!

Today is rainy and nasty and cool. Greg has left to go to W. VA. I got an email from him cause his Verizon phone doesn't work up there. He claims that is where they send wayward mosquitos, there are evidently tons of the little biting creatures. Hopefully, he will find the bug repellent in the car.

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  1. They sent me to a Nature Center. I thought they said naturalist center. Boy was I embarrassed! I can't find the mosquito repealent, but I have not braved the outside since dinner to find it.