Thursday, April 16, 2009

Amy is 13

Happy #13 Amy Lynn! Amy is very enthusiastic about pretty much everything. Her passion for life is exhausting to her Mom! She loves ballet, American Girl dolls and clothes, Build a Bear stuffed animals, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, cooking and crafts. She loves playing with her cousins. Shopping with Granny is definately a favorite activity. She is my most excited child every Christmas. She is a chocoholic, the only chocolate she turns down has nuts in it.

Since we were in GA for Easter and Amy's birthday, she got to use the official birthday candle...see how short it is? We lit the candle, quickly sang the birthday song and she blew it out...its gotta last many more birthdays.

Her "cake" we found on the Pillsbury website. It was so easy to make. I love it when something we try turns out like the original picture. The base is a sugar cookie. After you bake it, you top with marshmellows, m & m's and pastel jelly beans. Personally, I would leave off the jelly beans next time and add extra m & m's (jelly beans are pretty chewy).

See what Amy got for her birthday! Just what every 13 year old needs.....NOT. this is my cousins car and all the kids took a turn "driving".

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  1. Happy Birthday Amy. You are a wonderful niece and an fun person. And one of Sammy's best buddies. We have loved getting to know you these past few years. I can't believe you are 13! Stop growing! We love you.