Monday, April 20, 2009

Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful spring day in Mississippi. The sun is shining, slight breeze blowing and the temp is 73 degrees.

Our Monday wash is hanging on the clothesline. The warm weather and breeze can dry it for us today. School was mostly finished by noon. Lunch was yummy peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches on homemade bread.

Katie, Amy and I took a jelly making class on Friday at our county extension office and we made the strawberry jelly. I really like this jelly and I do not like strawberries! Go figure. We also made Hot Pepper Jelly. Both were easy to make and delicious to eat. Since it is now strawberry season, I see more jelly in our immediate future.

Greg has decided to be an expert Rib cooker (or smoker). Saturday, he cooked us ribs for dinner and they were wonderfully yummy. I am not sure how he can improve on his first try, but as long as he cooks the dinner, I won't argue. Last night, he grilled hamburgers for us.

Over the weekend we also went and bought some more plants for the "homestead". We bought another blueberry bush to got with the 3 we already planted. All 4 are full of berries (can you say blueberry jelly and blueberry muffins?). We bought a hydrangea for the front courtyard. 3 Big Boy Tomato plants and 3 cherry tomato plants. 3 jalapeno pepper plants. The green beans are popping up from the seeds I planted. Last week, Amy and I planted squash, corn, sunflower, tomato, oregano, nasturtium, okra and thyme seeds. Greg built us 2 more "square foot gardening boxes" to expand our garden. Katie and Amy's peach trees have 2 peaches on them. They are thrilled. My roses are blooming and our little butterfly flowers have bloomed (can't remember their name). So far, it looks like everything we planted or transplanted last year has come back. I don't know about the impatiens yet cause its too early for them. I thought my wisteria was history, but it is now bushy and has little tendrils looking for a hold on our back fence. I would love for the fence to be covered with the wisteria vine.

Have a great week!


  1. Your yard is sounding very lovely. What is nasturium?

  2. The petals kind of look like a petunia. The plant is "viney" and has the pretty flowers...honestly, we found these seeds at the Dollar Tree. We planted them last year and they did good, so we repeated this year!