Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday Fill In Withdrawals

I guess my sis is really really tired. She left us all wanting some fill ins. Rest up Bri!

The Confederate Memorial Day Weekend is apon us. Everyone stand up, put your hand across your heart, Face South and sing Dixie!

Come on, like you mean it! Samantha, I can't hear you. Sing it girl friend!

Ok, now on to the bar b que plans for the weekend. Today, we set up the smoker. pictures were taken, they will come later. We smoked a shoulder and a ham. The ham was already cooked, I just threw it in to give it some smoke flavor. Left it on too long, and now it tastes like bar b que. I hate that (he he). The shoulder is going for a four hour ride in the hickory apple juice smoke. I put my fish cooker on as low as I could get it. The smoker fit perfectly right on top of it. Threw some hickory chunks in. Put a cup of apple juice in a pan under the meat and went to smokin'. After 3 hours I turned the gas off and now the chunks of hickory are still smoking away and going from char to ash. I am leaving the shoulder right where it is. I never turned it or nothing. I did prepare it yesterday with a dry rub and some garlic juice in a zip lock bag in the fridge. But that was all. We are trying the keep it simple recipe.

I will let you know how it turned out. If my fingers aren't too sticky!

Today is the first day of summer. Amy and Will christened the pool for the year. It is too cold for those of us with brains and responsibilities to get it. I put my feet in till the blood quit flowing.

Hey, GREAT NEWS. There is a dunkin donut open in Pearl now. WE Have ARIVED!!!! I do like the dd coffee. Today we all had breakfast for $9. That was a treat! It costs $25 for us all to go to waffle house. $40 to go to Craker Barrel. (mom's fave)

We got two of our garden boxes filled in with dirt. I got japalino's in one of them. Eddie and I are going to smoke some cheese filled fresh japalinos this summer. Maybe use some gouda cheese and some pecan wood for the smoke. Are you kidding me. That would make you stand up and cry for momma!

Donna got two of her tomoatoes planted. Will Amy and I got two leland cypress planted outside of our fence. We are preparing our yard to keep our nosey neihbors at bay. Donna wants to wrap the entire yard in them. Works for me.

You all have a great weekend! Remember Robert E. Lee and General Thomas Jackson! I am sure that we are related to both of them somehow! Just has to be. O' I wish I was in the land of cotton. Ol' times there are not forgotten. Look Away! Look Away! Look Away! Dixie Land!

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  1. Oh Greggie, I did leave you hangin'. Sorry about that. I completely forgot. Mom & Dad came up and that always throws me off. Charlie and Sam have been swimming twice in a neighbors pool. But it was heated. (Cheaters) Can't wait to see your yard and have some BBQ. The hickory and applejuice combo sounds divine. I would like some chicken smoked then made into a sandwich.