Monday, April 6, 2009

The weekend

Boy, Friday was a long time ago...

Saturday, Greg and I and the kiddies ran some errands and ate lunch at Backyard Burger, super yummy. I went to Penneys and exchanged a shirt. We went to Lowe's and bought 2 leyland cypress trees and 2 peach trees and a bunch of mulch. The peach trees are planted but the cypress are going to live in their plastic buckets till we get back from Georgia. I also planted 2 of my square foot gardening containers with green beans. We went to Hobby Lobby and bought some stuff and then went home to work outside.

Sunday was our morning to bring breakfast to Sunday School and then Greg did the power point for the 2nd service. He and I went back to Penneys and I got a skirt and top (for Easter) and 2 pairs of capri pants....yeah, Mom has something new to wear. Last night we ate popcorn shrimp (Seapak frozen shrimp), tater tots and cole slaw. (Hey Sabrina, take your moms dressing for the broccoli salad and put it over the bagged cole slaw and let it sit an hour or so, that is very yummy. Close to KFC) We were all set to watch Amazing Race when what to our wondering eyes should appear, the country music awards. So we ended up watching food network challenges and Iron Chef. So cakes and chocolate, did make for some sweet dreams.

This morning started the girls new Quilting Class with our 4H group. I think there were 9 girls. they all had fun and really got some work done. They are hand quilting a small piece (maybe 14" x 18") to make either a doll quilt or something similar. Then they are making a pillow top from fabric yo yo's. We had been taking a sewing class from another lady but her classes were more off then on. She has since moved to help her daughter and we now have 3 unfinished projects and no directions for finishing them. That was very frustrating. Anyway, they have a different class now and hopefully will be great. The new girl wants them to work and accomplish stuff, not get discouraged and want to give up. When you only have a class once a month, it takes forever for a project to be completed.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day....9 am will find Katie and I at the dr. for staple removal. 1:30 will find Greg and I at the dr. for him to have a small mole removed. Then the 5 of us are hitting the road and driving to GA. Mom's birthday is Wed. and Amy's is Easter Sunday. We will get to visit friends, go to JoAnns, see family, go to JoAnn's, celebrate Easter, and go to JoAnn's (got alot of coupons).

We are almost packed. Well, the kids are packed and I am not. Gotta get the laundry done first!

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  1. That post made me tired. Y'all have been busy. Happy Easter and tell Granny 'hi'. Happy Birthday Amy.