Thursday, April 30, 2009

More signs of Spring/Summer

Ahhhhhh, the weather is getting warmer and we all want to be outside.

Here are some more signs of warmer weather...

1. Greg is barbequing alot. We have 2 grills and a smoker and they are working. I've already typed about how awesome the ribs were but last weekend he smoked a pork shoulder that was the best I have ever had! It was wonderful! That was dinner on Sat. night, lunch on Sunday and lunch on Monday. The rest was split up into 2 freezer packages for dinners later on. Super yummy! Last night he cooked pork chops (can ya tell we are on a pork kick?). So yummy! The grocery store has had some good "managers specials" on meat and we were able to stock up.

2. The garden is green and growing. Our corn stalks are about 3 inches tall. We have basil and bell peppers coming up. 2 tomato plants were planted in containers and they are thriving. The 2 square foot garden boxes of green beans are loaded with plants mostly about 6 inches tall. the blueberry bushes are growing and we have lots of little berries on them.

3. We bought 12 pounds of strawberries the other day to make into jelly. By the way, 12 lbs. of berries will make about 42 half pint jars of jelly. Will claims that will only last him a month. The berries are cleaned and pureed and frozen waiting for our canner to be delivered. Greg ordered us a pressure canner and it was shipped yesterday. We won't need to use the pressure for the jelly just a water bath to can it, but we will need the pressure canner for the green beans and squash and stuff like that. I would like to try making our own salsa and sweet pickle relish. We will have to see how ambitious we get. Our next preserving class is in 2 weeks and its on canning.

4. We are nearing the end of some of our school books. Katie will finish Algebra 2 today!!!!! Her average for the class is 96! Very good! She is going to do economics next and then Geometry in the fall. Amy and Will will be starting Pre-Algebra in the fall. We are investing in the Teaching Textbooks curriculum for all 3 kids. They can teach and explain everything and keep up with the grades...I will supply good lighting, a computer, notebooks, scratch paper and plenty of sharpened pencils. Yesterday was sign up for fall co-op classes for the next school year. Amy and Will are taking Physical Science and Beautiful Feet Geography. Katie will be taking Exploring American History. Hers will count for 3 grades since it covers history, bible and literature. We will be stimulating the Homeschool curriculum economy with our tax refund check when it comes.

5. Amy asks everyday to go swimming. She and Will went last Sat. and loved it. Granny bought Will a floating pool basketball game and they had fun with that. Today it looks like rain so I think swimming is out till the weekend.

6. The farm stands are opening in the area with some great produce. Also, the wheat order form came so we have to figure out what we will need for the next year...the order is once a year.
More economy stimulating going on.

Miss Katie will go back to the dr. on Tuesday, next week. We will go to the hospital first for x-rays and then to the surgeon. She has been exercising her foot everynight. She can move it up and down, sideways, and a slight circular rotation. Hopefully this progress will be enough so that we don't have to do rehab.

Thats all for now! Hope everyone has a great Spring Day! Gotta go do laundry!!!!!!

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