Friday, May 1, 2009

Yahtzee & No School Friday

Ahhhhh, its no school Friday today! Gotta love it!

After the cleaning chores were done, the kids and I sat down to a rousing, rip roaring game of Yahtzee. We tweaked the original game a little and played Triple Yahtzee. Do you remember that? They used to make triple yahtzee score cards and you simultaneously played 3 rows. My Dad and I used to play this. They don't make the triple cards anymore, so we just made our own.

There are advantages to playing the triple game...every roll can count in one of three columns. You have lots of chances for the major point rolls...3/4 of a kind, full house, small/large straight. And YAHTZEE! Pretty cool, Will and I both got 2 yahtzees!

Disadvantage is, it takes a long time to play.

About half way through the game Amy said "hey, this is math!" Well, yeah! But its fun math!

Watch out for cheating of my darlings (who shall remain nameless) will write down whatever in any spot. If this person rolls a handful of junk, they will write it down anywhere on the score card whether it goes there or not. Ummmm, NO, this does not work. Ya still have to be vigilant even in Yahtzee.

At the end of the game, when all the columns are added up, then you add the 3 columns together to get the winner. Today, the winner was................drumroll please.............................ME. Of course the fact that I have been playing yahtzee for at least 30 years probably has more to do with me winning than any skill.

It was a fun hour and yes, it was Math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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