Sunday, April 25, 2010

Amarillo by Morning

So much to blog about. Where do we start?

Bucket List Items

John F. Kennedy assassination Site – I got my picture taken on the grassy knoll. And as a bonus, Donna took my picture standing on the x in the middle of the street. Upon learning this, Granny told me to quit playing in the street which is a change for her.

Cowboy Stadium – Donna wanted to see the stadium. Unfortunately it was imploded and in a pile of debris, but Hey, she wanted to see it, she got to see it.

Texas Motor Speedway – Got pictures of race cares in a pond out front.

Oil Well – Saw one, not too close though.

Texas Long Horns – Donna rode all most all the way across Texas before she saw some long horns. We saw buffalo, camels, and llamas before we saw a long horn.

Isn’t it interesting that almost every time you talk about driving across Texas, you hear “Dang it is a long way across Texas.” We made it to Dallas last night, went to Daly Plaza and got on the road to Amarillo. We found Palo Duro State Park, the second biggest canyon in the country. We are camping in the bottom of it. I am waiting now on the sun to go down so I can get some sunset pictures on the canyon walls (maybe).

Our gas mileage went way down. There were 40 to 50 mph headwinds most of the way today. The driving was tough. I am worn out. The rain kept us up last night. The wind tossed us about all day. I am going to sleep in a rocking rv tonight.

And finally, in order to beat the others to it. I learned today how close you can pull the rv up to the payment shack. Not That Close! Buddy the RV has a boo boo on his front. I put a big ouch sticker on it along with some 200 mile per hour duct tape. “The boys back at the shop worked real hard this week to give us a good chance with the Numer 17 Dutchman Ford. Daryl got underneath us and took some of the air off the rear. Got us wicked loose. I took the corner a bit too tight and had my mind on getting out my wallet and smashed her up against the wall. Messed up our aerodynamics for a bit till Bubba got some of that 200 mph tape and a sledge hammer and fixed her right up. We’re gonna take her back to the shop this week, tweak the motor and get her ready for Daytona.”

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