Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grand Canyon or Bust!

Tiki Travelers is gearing up for the "Grisswald Family Vacation." Starting this Saturday we are climbing in Buddy the RV and heading out west. The ultimate destination is the Grand Canyon. But we are going to see as many other parks, sites, tourist traps, great restaurants, etc. that we can before we return.

We scheduled a whopping 2 weeks for this adventure. We are going to be working on some of our "bucket list" items. Donna's never seen the GC. I've never seen Vegas. I have never ordered a 72oz steak and tried to eat it in one hour. We've never ridden in a helicopter or on a mule. Don't know if we will get the last one or not.

For trip preparation we went on AAA website and planned the route, picking out the various places to see on the way out. We worked on Buddy the RV last weekend getting all the little fix-it things taken care of. We caulked the shower, tried out the water heater, added a bunch of hooks and hangers to take advantage of unused space, and made several minor repairs. Amy and Will worked on dirty spots in the carpet and got Buddy all spic and span. (whatever that means)

Our first destination is Dallas and the Texas Book Depository. I am going to get my picture taken on the grassy knoll. (Why is this called a knoll, why not a hill or spot or exit ramp??? we don't call anything else a knoll that I am aware of ~ just something to ponder).


  1. If Donna hasn't already told you, I'm green with jealousy!

    Really, I'm so excited for y'all. Have a wonderful and safe trip - miss me a little!

  2. The mule will NOT happen...its not on my bucket list, nope, not at all! But I will put the lens on the camera and take pictures is Greg wants to ride!