Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bunch of Driving Done

We made it to Santa Fe at a Koa Kampground. I took a side tour thru Las Vegas. But as you know I can't tell you anything about it except we did shoot the loop at the Plaza. Everything else stays in Vegas.

We started the day in Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world. We spent the night at a campground at the bottom of the canyon. Saw some wildlife, a huge turkey with his spread on for his chick. He chased her a bit, then she started chasing him back.

We made our way from there to Route 66. We ate some ugly crust pie at the Midway Cafe and got some souviners. Antoher bucket list item taken care of. After lunch we took off thru the middle of nowhere. I've been to Carroll County Mississippi. I thought I had seen vast expanse of nothingness. Not so! From Amarillo we took a back road to Las Vegas. We passed a total of 6 other cars in 114 miles. I told Donna I could go outside and take a shower and nobody would care about it but her.

The views were amazing. We could see for miles in any direction and not see another human. We climbed the base of the Rockies. It is call the Canadian Escarpment, 6300 feet above sea level. When we got to the top we could see the snow capped peaks of Taos in the distance. It was really a beautiful trip. Also once in a life time, cause I aint never going that way again.


  1. Along the same lines of everything stays in Vegas - keep everything else inside the RV! Just as sure as shootin' a funeral procession would pass or something - raining on your outdoor shower.

    Have fun Greg - but for the kiddos sake, keep it clean! :)

  2. Greg said...showers are clean!

    A funeral procession could have been seen for it was pretty safe, but he didn't do it!

  3. Ooh Palo Puro! Been there and saw the show there too. Very good ans so much fun. My Dad's side is from Amarillo TX. Did you take on the 72 oz steak dinner while there?!!

  4. The 72 oz steak is on the list for the return trip. I plan to eat it and drive all the way home without stopping!

    Yea right.