Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Left Turn at Albuquerque

Our adventure continues! We spent Sunday night near Santa Fe. We tried to see the Pecos Indian ruins, but got there too late in the day. On Monday we walked around downtown Santa Fe and did not buy a single piece of turquoise or sand art. We weren't sure what all was there, but we spent an hour looking.

I was running out of gas. We drove from Amarillo to Santa Fe. All the back roads, when we did see a functioning gas station, it was at 3.oo per gallon. That logic made me look favorably on the 2.76 I paid in Santa Fe.

We stopped by the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque for an educational experience. We learned about Volcanos in New Mexico. The early natives carved graffitti onto the rocks and the National Park Service put some trails together so you could go look at them. They get right upset if you try to add to them. Which is a bit short sighted if you ask me. If they had let Picaso do one, then they would have something.

We stayed Monday night in Gallup. We are on Highway 66 again. I was really tired tonight and went to sleep before game time. This park is located behind a La Quinta Hotel (which is spanish for "behind Denny's") The park and hotel are owned together, so the kids got to go swimming in the indoor pool. It was still too cold for any average human, but Amy states "The pool was nice feeling". Donna and I planned our next day while they played.

We have a short driving day today. We are riding the painted desert and the petrified forest and staying there tonight. I've got to stop blogging now. Katie and Amy are cooking pancakes for breakfast, and they smell really good.

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