Friday, April 9, 2010


I admit it. I have it. I have a case of new truck fever. Ever since Andy drove off in MY truck, I've NEEDED to get a new one. Not just any old new one. I want a Ford F-150 King Ranch Crew Cab. If you are going to pray for a new vehicle, it aught to be a good one. (That could go on a T-shirt.)

So what to do? How am I going to get over this new truck fever? Thankfully I have the self control not to raid the kids college fund or our retirement fund to go get one. I haven't had a car note since I finished paying for the truck Andy stole from (got) me. I don't want to borrow money, and I don't have enough laying around. I did check under the sofa, no luck there.

I came across a cure. At least it seems to be working for me. I found this on They recommend making a list of everything that is currently wrong with your car. Stuff that you have been living with cause it was worrysome, but not enough of a burden to fix. Make that list, and start spending on ALL of those repairs. Fix every single thing you can think of that is wrong.

I have two cars to deal with. One is my Harley (convertible). The other is my truck (small SUV). On the car my list includes: brake job; trunk lift supports; new radio with jack for ipod; new ipod; fix the window control; fog light busted; heater is not working; dead battery cell; very dirty finish; windshield wipers.

I put a new battery in it last week. Allen washed it this week. I am buying trunk lift supports on the way home from work today.

When you think about it, we really do some goofy stuff in order to get buy instead of going ahead and fixing stuff that is broken. I have been driving around for 2 years with a large paint stick in my trunk to hold open the trunk lid instead of going to autozone and buying the part that I need to fix it.

When I get done with the car, I am going to start on the SUV. It has major repairs like a new A/C and electrical issues with the transmission and seat controls. But that is another list for later.

I can honestly say that this cure is working. I am over my truck fever. I have good goals to study on car repairs. I am still fervently praying for my King Ranch F-150. And tonight I will have a used paint stirring stick to put on ebay.

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