Friday, April 23, 2010

Day before the Day we were suppose to leave

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! He answered our prayers for safety thru the storms and amazing gas mileage.

Reports of bad weather in Jackson got us on the road early. We left before the storms hit and dodged them all the way (almost) to Dallas. We are on the outskirts of Dallas hunkered down for the night. We had a 5 minute hail storm while we were gassing up in Brandon on the way out of town and no more bad weather or wind.

I put a budget together for the trip for fuel and for stuff. I figured 6 miles to the gallon for the gas. Our first leg we got a whopping 9.36 mpg. Sounds bad, but when you budget for 6, it is all good.

I am coming up with algebra problems for the kids as we travel. One to help figure out the mileage and stuff, and the other to keep them sharp on math.

We did not see anything or do anything today, just rode. We are about 20% of the way there. Tomorrow I am going knoll hunting with my camera!

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