Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Frankin Foot Walks Again!

Can you believe This?

My baby has deck screws in her leg!

The two longs ones are into her growth plate. The dark part behind the screw is the only part of her bones that are not complete. The plate has 8 screws in it and is much larger than we thought. The plate is on the outside of her ankle.

The little mushroom looking piece was put into the bone where it split and the two broken bones are growing around it and it will strengthen the bone from now on.

Here is a picture of our babies first step!

We are so proud!

Actually she is doing everything the doctor told her to do and is healing much faster than we were originally told. She will begin transitioning to walking without the boot this week and should be out of it in a week or two. She doesn't have to wear it at night anymore. She over did it a bit today and it turned blue a bit, so she is under daddy orders to take it easy and slowly transition back.

Amy was so proud that she baked her a cake.

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  1. Congratulations Katie! Keep drinking your milk. And Amy your cake looks so yummy. Is it yellow cake or chocolate?