Monday, May 18, 2009

Many Hands Make Light Work

Many hands make light work or Praise the Lord, I am getting a new floor or whew, the foyer is done or man, we are getting old. Any of these titles apply to our weekend.

4 years ago, Greg bought this house for us. I generally like the house but some features I did not like. The first was the faux finishing in the kitchen. Vines and fruit are not Mom and Greg's Mom both liked it, but not me. It is now painted over. Then it was my small oven...we all know how that was handled. Big oven now...happy baker! But first and foremost with me was the brick floor. Argh...this covered the kitchen, dining room, foyer, laundry room, hall and bathroom. A plus for this floor is it hides dust, crumbs, etc. But, I can't stand on it long barefooted. It is uneven and hurts my feet and legs. We spend hours in our, homeschool, etc. and my kitchen counters are my cutting boards for fabric. So the uneven brick is departing!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg and I went to Lumber Liquidators on Saturday morning and came home with hardwood flooring for the foyer and living room (nasty, stained carpet). Now we are also going to do the dining room in it. I had the honor, priviledge and thrill of busting the first brick in the foyer! What an exciting moment! Greg, me, Katie, Will and Amy busted brick in the area. Allen got off work and came over to finish it off. Bricks were busted, lots and lots of dust was flying and I was a happy camper. Amy and Katie got quite adept at chiseling up the bricks and enjoyed the work. Will used his expert garbage skills to toss all the broken bricks in the can for us. Then Greggy treated all the worker bees to Mexican for dinner. Afterwards, we went to Home Depot and picked out a tile for the kitchen, laundry, hall and bathroom. Its a large (14 x 14) square and really pretty.

Sunday morning we went to sunday school and church. Then home for lunch and some more cleaning on the area that was under the foyer bricks. After it was cleaned, vacummed and mopped, the real fun began. James, Allen and Greg laid down the moisture barrier and started the wood. The foyer is mostly done except for trim work. That will probably get finished tonight.

It is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone did an awesome job and really worked hard. We are going out of town on Friday for a week and then my Mom comes to visit, so I don't think anymore will be done for 2 weeks but that part is done.

And, I have walked barefooted on it and given it the Donna Seal of Approval! Thanks Greg!!!!!

Oh, if anyone needs to work out any aggression or anger...we will let you know when we bust more brick. You are more than welcome to come over and be aggressive with the old floor, and hey, its cheaper than therapy!!!!!!!!!

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  1. sounds wonderful. You will have to take some before and after pictures.