Saturday, May 2, 2009

Grill Pictures

I got fancy this weekend.

Bar B Que shrimp.

Donna says I can do them again.

The veggies are egg plant, bell pepper, and onions. I have some TJ's Bar B Que sause in the skillet getting warm. That is our favorite sause right now from Trader Joes. It's really good and organic.

I brushed it on the shirmp and stirred them with some of the onions and bell pepper, kind of stir fry on the grill in my new basket. That's right, we went to Bass Pro Shop and dropped some stimulus money on Bar B Que supplies and goodies. Stuff like a jalipino rack. And a rib rack. And some dipping spoons. Oh and a steak hook. All kind of goodies to cook with. We went to the store looking for some fish to grill, but the didn't have what I wanted (trout or redfish) so we went with the shrimp. Donnas said "Yumm."

Here are the ribs from 2 weeks ago. I am looking forward to doing them again. Check out that smoke ring. Man that looks good. I'm wanting some ribs right now just blogging about them.

We got some more peppers today for the garden and got them in the dirt. Amy and Will hit the pool again. I got in and sat on the steps and got wet, but stopped there. It is still cold. We found some stuff that is an invisible blanket. Some kind of chemical that makes the water warm by keeping the heat in at night. Gonna try it out to see if it gets warmer.

Have a great day in church tomorrow!

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  1. oh my word does that look delish! I am now dying for ribs. Thanks. Put anotha shrimp on the baarbie! I like your skrimp basket. That is cool.