Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Is it a good idea to do pirouttes 7 weeks after your ankle is rebuilt during major surgery? Ummmmm....NO. Miss Katie did too much at dance today. Her ankle was already swollen from playing in the pool all afternoon and this really did it in. It is bruised and swollen. I don't think this will be repeated any time soon.

She really only danced for about 2 minutes but it was 2 minutes too long.

Her participation in the recital in June will most likely be limited to walking onto stage.

We did show all the moms and kids her x-ray pictures today at the pool party. Impromtu science lesson for all! Shock and awe would be accurate descriptions of everyones reactions. They also got to see her walk. Go Franken Foot!

1 comment:

  1. Katie don't wear out your ankle yet. I have some yard work I want you to do when you come up. Just kidding... a little.
    Take care of that ankle! That's and order.