Friday, May 22, 2009

"Night at the Museum"

We just got back from seeing "Night at the Museum". (We had to get ready to go next week) It was a really good movie. Greg got off work early and met us for an afternoon date. We have seen Teddy Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln, Sacagewa (spelled that wrong), and Amelia Earhart come to life. As Amy said when we left the theater...wouldn't it be neat to be there at night, but I know it doesn't really happen. Ahhhhh, she doesn't believe in magic anymore.

Now we are packing for our trip. The school books are staying home...shhh, don't tell them the museum will be educational! We are taking the wheel chair for Miss Kate cause the museum is huge. She is doing great at walking but wants the extra help. She is hoping to set off the detectors at the museum!

After leaving Aunt Bri's house we are headed to Smith Mtn. Lake in VA to spend a couple of days with the grandparents. The kids will love riding the jetski, swimming in the freezing cold lake water and eating sausage balls. I'll include Greg in "the kids" cause he will do all of the above. I don't jetski (tried it twice and the thrill escapes me) and the water will be too cold. I will however sit on the dock and take pictures. Maybe Greggie will take me on a boat ride!!!!

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