Friday, May 22, 2009

What are they going to complain about next?

We have some lovely neighbors who have become the "parking in the street or yard police" and turn us into the city or call the police. They obviously have lots and lots of time on their hands and have targeted our home. For the last year, we have answered the door several times to police or city ordinance enforcers complaining about the cars. OK, lets think about this....we have 7 kids, 4 of them drive and have their own cars AND we have 3 cars and an RV. Does anyone out there have a driveway in a neighborhood that can accomodate all of those vehicles?

Late every afternoon there are 1-3 vehicles parked on the side street (we live on a corner) at our home. It just depends on which older boys come to eat a free meal at the parents. They are usually gone by 8 pm. The police showed up at 6pm (dinnertime) and said there had been a complaint...James' van...and that if it wasn't moved in 30 minutes off the street, it would be ticketed or towed. Its not against the law to park in the road. It is against the law to park in the road overnight. James moved the van and Greg called the police chief to complain. Turns out the officer was under the assumption it was being parked all night there, wrong, and that we had a homeowners association that prohibited parking on the street, wrong again. Greg told him that if he came back to the street and looked from our driveway, he could see 4 cars on the street at different houses...he didn't want to come back. We have been targeted by some people with too much time on their hands.

So, we now have a 40 foot driveway in our sideyard for the RV and extra visiting children or grandparents. So what are the neighbors gonna complain about now?

According to city ordinances we could have a couple of chickens...hummmmmm, that is a possibility. At this point I would want some loud cluckers! I could borrow a homeschooling friends goat and stake it in the yard to be seen by the nosey folks! Amy wanted a loud mooing cow but we would called on because the yard is not big enough for livestock. Do they want to complain about our garden in the backyard or maybe my kids spashing in their pool or the smoke from the grill every weekend or maybe the flowers are too colorful in the corner flower bed. Good grief, get a life and live it.

Hopefully, there won't be another chapter in the continuing saga of the tiki travelers home. But who knows?

We are hitting the road tomorrow. On Sunday we will be arriving at Greg sisters house in No. VA and staying till Thurs. or Fri. Greggie has meetings in W. VA starting on Tuesday and the kids and I will be staying with Sabrina and hanging out. Monday, we are all going into DC and visiting the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Can't wait...have wanted to go there the last 3 years and it was being renovated. But now, its open!!!!!!


  1. We get in trouble if we leave our trash cans out! What if you started parking the cars on the lawn and put a few up on blocks. I have a pink flamingo for your yard too! Hope we can get together, you and the kiddos are welcome to the Big Red Kitchen!

  2. I would love the pink flamingo....Greg and I have already talked about it. I like the car on blocks idea too! Maybe a moose head mounted to a tree. Would love to get together if I am not causing trouble with ya'lls homeowners assoc. Maybe they won't like cars with Miss. tags!