Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pool Party

We had our 1st pool party of the year today. I have been on the Leadership Team of our homeschool group this year. I was the treasurer. I guess everyone thought since I "taught" the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace for our group this year, I could handle the account. I guess I did a pretty good job since I was "re-elected". OK, I agreed to do it again next year and no one else volunteered, so its my job again.

We usually have our leadership meetings at the local yummy McAllisters Deli. We have had some intense meetings that have lasted 2-3 hours. This was our last meeting for this school year and I wanted to do something fun. So we invited everyone over for a pool party.

Kim, Marie, Nora, Jeannie and Shannon brought their kiddies...John Thomas, Faith, Grace, Amanda, Branuen, Quaden, Shelby, Isabela, Max, Stephen and Carrie plus Katie, Will and Amy. Yep, 14 kids ages 2-17 in our pool and having a wonderful time. One of the benefits to homeschooling is that everyone is used to being with all different ages and they all get along. There were noodles, squirt toys, bubbles, and floaties. Many rides down the slide and lots of goodies to feast on. We even talked about a little "business" but not much.

It has been a great year serving with these ladies. Kim and Jeannie have decided not to be on leadership next year and I am really going to miss them.

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