Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another version of "The Story"

OK, my mom knows the REAL story. Never mind that she was 400 miles away, she is a granny and she knows.....

Katie was ballet dancing and a jealous Tonya Harding took out her ankle with a hockey stick. Tonya took up ballet when she was thrown out of ice skating.

Mom doesn't believe that Juan Valdez came into the house because Hershey would have killed him...ok, maybe not killed but barked herself hoarse and nipped at his ankles.

We decided to get out of the house and go eat lunch at our favorite Mexican Rest. today. The lunch was awesome. Katie got in the place ok and enjoyed lunch. Amy and Will got to the car and opened the doors for us. I closely followed Katie out to the car. We don't know what happened but when she got to the car, she lost her balance, we both screamed and I managed to keep her from hitting the ground. Greg was paying and heard us scream and ran out the door (dropping his wallet), and we got her in the car. Neither of us has a clue what happened, we were right at the open door. I guess she just twisted and lost her balance. and yes, he did get his wallet back.

The excitement in the parking lot convinced her to go home and take a pain pill. Learning how to drive a motorized wheel chair at Kroger will wait for another day!

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  1. I agree with Granny... The Tonya Harding version. Or maybe...
    She was at the X-Games Extreme Ballet Dance Off and kicked Baryshnikov in the face. She won that round but at the cost of a fracture. Then on to the cage round where she was overcome by Chuck Norris who step-ball-chained onto Katie's already injured ankle. Better luck next time Katie.