Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Granny is here...let the spoiling begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom got here yesterday afternoon for a "spring break" visit with us. Greg had to go to Atlanta for some work meetings, so she is here to keep us company and help us get into trouble while he is gone. We spent the day going to Belks, Penneys, Shoe store, Hobby Lobby, and Target. She bought the kiddos clothes for their birthdays (yeah for Grannies). Katie and Amy look gorgeous in their new dresses (and way too grown up). There are lots of cute dresses in the stores and they had fun trying on different stuff. Katie tried on one dress that was black (think cocktail type dress) and she was so beautiful in it but this was definately not a church dress...its still at Penneys. Amy's first dress she tried on was the one we bought. I am really having a hard time with my almost 13 year old looking so old. Will got some new shorts and new swim trunks (both of which he really needed). Having 4 older brothers, he is blessed with lots of hand me downs but now he is taller than 2 of them so that doesn't work real well. He has handed down some of his clothes and loves to say "oh, that was mine, but now its too short for me"!!!!!!

Hobby Lobby was fun. We all had 40% off coupons so everyone picked out their item and we all got in different lines. I bought my neice a Christmas gift to add to my stash. Now, I have to remember to write down what I bought and remember where I put it!!!! We are trying to spread out our gift buying since we have 7 kids and 7 neices and nephews to buy for. Then onto Target for some dull stuff like wipes and scotch guard.

Afterwards, we went to Cheddars and ate dinner. Allen (#4 son) was our waiter. The food is so yummy and the portions are huge (Amy and Granny shared a dinner and Katie and I shared a dinner). Andy and James came after work and met us for dinner.

Then onto the homeschool Mom's meeting for me tonight. The kids babysat for Granny to keep her out of trouble. Its a hard job but somebody has got to do it!

Oh, this morning we were jolted awake by the sound of footsteps on our roof...we are getting a new roof. It is hard to sleep while folks are banging around over your head. Praise the Lord, that our homeowners cov. is paying for the roof (we have hail damage from all the heavy wind and tornados in the area in the last year.)

So we ran away from home and found excuses to be gone all day. Don't know where we are going tomorrow but we will come up with something!

Goodnight all!


  1. Granny is awesome. But keep an eye on her... she is a trouble maker.

  2. That she is, that she is. And Amy is learning all of her tricks (not that Amy needed any help!